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« A dark science-fiction tale set on an unknown planet »

The year is 3XXX, mankind is colonizing the nearby solar systems and incredible robots are terraforming planets.
Crashed on an unknown planet, uncover the hidden cost of this expansion across the stars.


Left Behind is a science-fiction cinematic platformer focusing on it’s main character’s transformation.
You play as Christine Roca, a scientist who just crashed on a mysterious planet full of waste.
Cross various extra-terrestrial environments and find a way back home, or face the consequences.


Feel how exploring the planet changes Christine with the PS5 Dual Sense controller.
Left Behind is intended as a PS5 experience. It is best played with a PS5 Dual Sense controller.


This game was created by students from the Cnam-Enjmin during their master's degree.
It is a vertical slice of the full game featuring short versions of multiple levels.
It was developed between October 2021 and February 2022.

Core Team

Noémie Verstraeten - Character & Texture Artist
Santiago Orozco - Environment Artist
Léo Laffargue - Game Designer
Nicolas Zelvelder - Game & Level Designer
Yann Imbert - Sound & Music Composer
Ilkalys - Programmer & Tech Artist
Pamphile Saltel - Programmer & Tool Programmer
Benoît Gauthier - User Designer & Researcher
Laurent Mannino - Project Manager

Extended Team

Camille Le Goff-Gauthier - Props Artist
Ethel Houbiers - Voice actress



Install instructions

The build hosted on the team's OneDrive, as it exceeds itch.io file limit size.

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